The Spectator

20 January 2018

The great plastic panic

Packaging from petrochemicals is bad but what if the alternatives are worse?


The Spectator's Notes

Why I won’t see The Darkest Hour

Also: the BBC made no mention of the communion ceremony during its Coronation documentary


You can’t beat Corbyn with Miliband – but the Tories are trying to anyway

Fiddling around with university fees isn’t going to make the Conservatives suddenly competitive

Lionel Shriver

I recycle – then lie to myself that I’m saving the planet

So much of what we carefully separate just ends up wasting energy

Rod Liddle

Women’s pay could bankrupt the BBC

It has dug itself a very deep hole and is calling for more shovels to finish the job

James Delingpole

How the Rat sniffed out £15,000 down the back of my virtual sofa

Not being cursed with any of my genetic make-up, he possesses certain special qualities that I lack

Any other business

Outsourcing is a good thing, regardless of the Carillion crash

Also in Any Other Business: Why Vince Cable is wrong about the GKN takeover