The Spectator

20 January 2018

The great plastic panic

Packaging from petrochemicals is bad but what if the alternatives are worse?

The Week

Leading article

Jeremy Corbyn’s takeover is complete – and the Tories are terrified

The ‘harmless crank’ has seen his left-wing agenda go mainstream

Portrait of the week

Carillion crashes owing £1.5 billion: directors’ conduct is probed

Also in Portrait of the Week: Hawaii’s nuclear alert; Ukip leader dumps his girlfriend over racist messages


Justin Webb: the day I was forced to hide from John Humphrys

Also: my green-ink Twitter hecklers and the replies I don’t post

From The Archives

The mischief of Bolshevism

From the archive: 19 January 1918


Which UK employer pays men 80 per cent less than women?

Also in Barometer: Britain’s biggest corporate failures; rough-sleeping blackspots; forests of statistics

Ancient and modern

Army recruiters should follow the Roman example

Just who do they think they will attract with this new touchy-feely approach?


Letters: the truth about UK farming by Sir James Dyson

Also: Rod Liddle’s vocabulary, superslow broadband and child screen addicts